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MorphoWave Compact

MorphoWave Compact 375 250 WeGO

MorphoWave Compact


Idemia’s MorphoWave Compact biometric terminals have been deployed at several office buildings and residential condominiums across the world. Employees and residents can authenticate by waving their hands across a sensor. The contactless system is more hygienic than systems which require one to place one’s finger or fingers on a pad.


  • MorphoWave Compact devices scan and verify 4 fingerprints in 1 second in a contactless hand gesture.
  • Employees and residents use the system for office and floor access control, authenticating their biometrics by “waving” their hands through the reader for more hygienic access and enrollment processes.


  • It is expected to bring convenience and speed to processes, and provide more hygienic secured access as fingers are never in contact with the sensor.


Source(s): Planet Biometrics, Itwire