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LG CLOi CleanBot and GuideBot

LG CLOi CleanBot and GuideBot 570 380 WeGO

LG CLOi CleanBot and GuideBot


Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) is collaborating with LG Electronics to develop and use robots with the aim of preventing secondary COVID-19 infection at hospitals. For now, the LG CLOi CleanBot will be responsible for disinfecting hospitals while the LG CLOi GuideBot will be helping patients with the registration process.


  • LG CLoi CleanBot features indoor-autonomous driving and obstacle-avoidance technology to sweep the floor and passageways, while its H13 high-efficiency particulate air filter simultaneously improves indoor air quality.
  • LG CLoi GuideBot asks basic diagnostic questions and measures visitors’ temperature to minimize human-to-human contact.


  • While in the early stages of development, the robots are expected to reduce the risk of in-hospital infection by eliminating human-to-human contact while substantially increasing work efficiency.


Source: The Korea Herald, SNU Hospital, Segye Ilbo