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Integrated Disease Surveillance Program

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Integrated Disease Surveillance Program


IDSP which has previously been used to track H1N1 influenza and measles is now used to monitor people across the country for COVID-19. In areas where workers identify clusters of disease, a containment zone is set up and everyone inside is ordered to stay at home. Social workers then go door to door to find people with suspected infections. If a person has symptoms, they are tested for the virus, along with members of their household and close contacts. People who test positive are taken to isolation units or hospitals.


  • Tracking under the IDSP and checking the monthly records of acute respiratory infections (ARI) are monitored to identify clusters of disease. Areas with a concentration of COVID-19 cases have been declared containment zones across states. According to the number of newly identified COVID-19 cases, districts are categorized as Red Zone, Yellow Zone and Green Zone.
  • Thousands of health-care workers are fanning out across the country for door-to-door collection of samples for testing and to trace and quarantine people who might have had contact with those with COVID-19.


  • Since monitoring efforts began, the program has helped identify more than 4,000 new cases, and put approximately hundreds of thousands of people under surveillance across the nation.


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