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“Home Quarantine” App

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'Home Quarantine' App


Poland has introduced a new app allowing people under a mandatory 14-day quarantine for COVID-19 to send selfies to prove that they are in quarantine. The new app allows for authorities to use geolocation linked with photos and facial recognition technology to efficiently ensure mandatory quarantine orders are being abided.


  • The app uses geolocation and facial recognition allowing quarantined users to check-in with authorities to confirm they are indeed staying at home as required.
  • Users first register a selfie through the app which then randomly requests more selfies throughout the day. If the user fails to respond to the request within 20 minutes, the police will be alerted. Violating quarantine is punishable by a fine of up to PLN 5000 ($1,180).
  • The app also connects to government-provided services (e.g. request help regarding urgent supplies).


  • The app is expected to enable the government to stay informed of the whereabouts of people who are in mandatory home quarantine and ensure that the conditions of the quarantine are not violated, with the final aim to contain the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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