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Handrail Sterilizer

Handrail Sterilizer 760 428 WeGO

Handrail Sterilizer

Republic of Korea

LG Innotek and Clearwin introduced the handrail UV LED sterilizer to provide continuous and automatic disinfection of the surface from bacteria, parasites, and viruses. The product blocks any sources of infection from spreading by completely destroying the DNA of germs via UV LED light, while doing no harm to the human body.


  • They can be easily installed on escalators and generate power on their own by converting the movement of the escalator’s handrail into electricity.
  • The sterilization lamp can be used for more than 10,000 hours.
  • UV LED light has a wavelength of 278 nanometers, allowing for long reach sterilization.


  • The lamp continuously disinfects the rails while the escalator is moving, preventing rapid spread of bacteria and virus provoked by the continuous use of the rails of the citizens.


  • Source(s): Neowin, THEVERGE