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‘Electronic Fence’ System

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'Electronic Fence' System


Taiwan has introduced a novel “Electronic Fence” system that tracks the location of those requested to abide by the compulsory quarantine measures. In the event that compulsory measures have been violated, the authority is alerted to check on those under mandatory quarantines.


  • The system monitors phone signals to alert police and local officials if those under home quarantine have violated the compulsory quarantine measures and/or turned off their phones to avoid location tracking.
  • Authorities will contact or visit those who trigger an alert within 15 minutes. Quarantine violators can be fined up to TWD1 million ($32,955).
  • Officials also call twice a day to ensure people don’t avoid tracking by leaving their phones at home.


  • The app is expected to enable the government to stay informed of the whereabouts of people who are in mandatory home quarantine and ensure that the conditions of the quarantine are not violated, with the final aim to contain the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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