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COVID-19 Detection X-ray Software

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COVID-19 Detection X-ray Software


The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) developed a software that can rapidly diagnose COVID-19 by analyzing chest X-rays within seconds while reporting a 99 percent accuracy. The software is capable of engaging in deep learning by accessing to new X-ray data loaded into the institute’s database, allowing the software to auto-develop its diagnostic capacity.


  • The software was adapted from an existing medical diagnostic software but has further developed to integrate AI and engage in deep learning by accessing patients’ X-ray data.
  • Currently, UDRI owns the newly developed software license.


  • The software provides quantitative analysis on the probability of the patient being under the influence of COVID-19, helping radiologist make necessary medical decisions.
  • With additional research and investments, the software is expected to be fine-tuned and polished to identify even the slightest anomalies on CT images and X-rays, helping to speed up the time in diagnosing and treating patients.
  • After further testing, the software is expected to be made available to all hospitals and labs across the country.

    Source(s): Dayton Daily News, Biz Journals, WDTN