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COVID-19 “Detect and Prevent” Challenge

COVID-19 “Detect and Prevent” Challenge 430 459 WeGO

COVID-19 'Detect and Prevent' Challenge

UNDP, Hackster

Hackster, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and other partners are launching a technology-transfer event to support developing nations during the COVID19 pandemic.

COVID-19 “DETECT AND PREVENT” is a challenge to curate and highlight the most promising projects regarding COVID-19 and will then work with creators on the best way to transfer the knowledge to those who need it most.

This challenge has three priority actions:
• Design replicable, low-cost tools and resources to aid viral detection
• Flatten the curve in communities with preventive solutions
• Reduce the disease’s impact on the economies of these vulnerable areas

We are calling on the members of our network who are hardware and software developers, product designers, scientists, hackers, makers, innovators, and inventors to come together to work for those who will be hardest hit by this pandemic. The UNDP will select the top 20 inventions, whose creators will receive global recognition and monetary awards for their contribution to society and humankind. For more information on the registration, timeline, and contest status, please visit the following website: