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Corona-Datenspende Smartwatch

Corona-Datenspende Smartwatch 960 540 WeGO

Corona-Datenspende Smartwatch


Smartwatches are now being used to help monitor the spread of the coronavirus in Germany. The Robert Koch Institute’s Corona Datenspende (Corona data donation) app is designed to help determine the spread of the coronavirus by gathering vital data – including pulse and temperature- that change in the event of acute respiratory complaints, from volunteers wearing fitness wristbands or smartwatches. This helps remote detection of typical COVID-19 symptoms, allowing for self-quarantine measures to be enforced and the spread of COVID-19 to be contained.


  • Use of the app and disclosure of own data are voluntary.
  • Personal data of app users, such as names or addresses, are not submitted at any time. Users only need to enter their postcode once.
  • The currently supported wearables include GoogleFit and AppleHealth devices as well as Fitbit, Garmin, Polar and Withings and Nokia Health body computers.


  • The app is not intended to individually track contact persons but can help to better identify infection hotspots.
  • The data provided by users through the app will enable the scientists to gain more detailed insights on how infections are spreading and whether containment measures are working.


Source(s): Heise, Reuters