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Cities Against COVID-19 Webpage

Cities Against COVID-19 Webpage 1479 734 WeGO

Cities Against COVID-19 Webpage


The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has launched an official COVID-19 webpage called Cities Against COVID-19 where visitors can find information on the virus containment efforts taken by Seoul, as well as cities from around the world. This webpage helps stakeholders find more details about Seoul’s countermeasures and provides a forum in which cities can communicate with one another and gather wisdom to break through the difficulties they face together. Aside from the dedicated webpage, interested individuals may refer to the briefing note developed by SMG entitled Seoul’s Fight Against COVID-19 by clicking here.

The radical spread of the novel coronavirus must be dealt with by the combined effort of the international community, and cities lie at the heart of such effort and collaboration. Hopefully, the online platform that Seoul introduced will help facilitate interactions between cities, and Seoul expects to keep dialogues with cities through various tools of communication such as virtual meetings when necessary.