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Cities Against COVID-19 Global Summit 2020

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Cities Against COVID-19 Global Summit 2020

Seoul Metropolitan Government

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will hold an international online conference “CAC (Cities Against COVID-19) Global Summit 2020” from Mon, Jun. 1 to Fri, Jun. 5 regarding overcoming the COVID-19 crisis and preparing for a significant paradigm shift. The conference will include participation of about 120 individuals, including mayors from around the world as well as international scholars and experts from various fields, for five days of concentrated discussions.

The conference will not encompass a particular area, but will address all areas of society affected by COVID-19, and this is the first attempt in which global cities will share response measures. The video conference will be conducted without an audience but will connect the whole world through an “untact” method. Simultaneous interpretations will be available in both English and Korean.

How to watch:
All programs of the international conference will be broadcasted in real-time in Korean and English (simultaneous interpretation) via the official SMG YouTube channel (Korean and English) for viewers around the world. The conference will also be broadcasted on Arirang TV, a global broadcasting network with more than 138 million viewers in 105 countries worldwide.

The live YouTube broadcast is available via the official SMG YouTube channel
(Korean:, English: at the scheduled relay time. The broadcasts will also be available to watch after the live broadcast is over.

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