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“BeAware” Electronic Wristbands

“BeAware” Electronic Wristbands

“BeAware” Electronic Wristbands 570 380 WeGO

“BeAware” Electronic Wristbands


Electronic bracelets embedded with BeAware* app – a COVID-19 contact tracing application developed by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), in collaboration with the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19) – are being distributed across Bahrain to keep track of self-quarantined people and their contacts. The application can pinpoint contact tracing cases and alert individuals in the event they approach an active case or a location where an active patient has visited or passed by. Individuals who are required to self-quarantine are requested to wear the smart device that will notify the monitoring station when they are 15 meters away from their phone.


  • The app requires users to ensure their smart devices are charged and that their location services, Bluetooth, GPS and internet connection are on.
  • Ministry of Health officials may randomly send picture requests to which self-isolating individuals must respond with a photo that clearly shows their face and wristband.
  • Self-isolating individuals are also required to schedule a COVID-19 test date three days prior to the end of their self-isolation period by calling 444 or visiting the Ministry of Health’s website.
  • Attempting to remove or tamper with the bracelet is considered a severe violation of national health measures. Violators will potentially face a three-month prison sentence and/or a fine between BHD1,000 (USD 2645) and BHD10,000 (USD 26456).


  • The device is expected to enforce the self-quarantine measures enforced by the government with the aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help reduce the time needed to analyze the patterns of the spread of the virus.
  • Up to now, thousands of wristbands have been distributed to potential and confirmed patients.



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