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Ahmedabad Digital Patrolling

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Ahmedabad Digital Patrolling


In the midst of a lockdown, the Command and Control Center in Ahmedabad is using its already installed city-wide CCTV network as a monitoring tool to ensure that its citizens are abiding by the social distancing rules, implemented to prevent the further spreading of COVID-19. The CCTV network serves to help the government identify whether there are any cluster formation of citizens and alert the police, if deemed necessary. Aside from the CCTV network, drones are being used on a test-basis to better manage the spread of COVID-19 while also making announcements to remind the citizens to keep the recommended social distance during lockdown.


  • 3,500 security cameras installed around the city are being used to track clusters of citizens through different colors; red (dense), orange (medium dense) and green (less density).
  • Where there are no CCTV cameras, drones are also being put into use and are controlled from the Centralized Drone and Command Centre by using publicly available Google resources (e.g. Google Maps) and AI technology.


  • 1035 First Information Report (FIR: Information recorded by a police officer on duty) have been registered.
  • Using the digital patrolling system, 3091 people were arrested for the violation of the Epidemic Diseases Act and Disaster Management Act which both restrict public gatherings and impose curfew to better manage the prevailing pandemic.


Source: Ahmedahad Mirror, Times of India, Your Story