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WeGO eGovFrame


in collaboration with its Technical Partner, National Information Society (NIA), will provide a comprehensive Technical Training and Service Program on the WeGO e-Government Framework (WeGO eGovFrame) to help its member cities develop Web and mobile e-Government applications based on the WeGO eGovFrame.

The WeGO eGovFrame is a standardized and open source software framework developed to help governments efficiently develop and operate e-Government applications. The WeGO eGovFrame consists of four software environments – development, runtime, operation, and management – as well as hundreds of reusable common components  of e-Government systems, and also provides mobile web UX Functions and Mobile Device API for both web-based mobile services and hybrid mobile apps. The WeGO eGovFrame has been widely adopted in countries like Mexico and Vietnam and has garnered substantial international recognition, including a sweep of the prestigious FutureGov Awards in 2010. Details of the eGovFrame can be found at the dedicated eGovFrame Portal,

Benefits of the WeGO eGovFrame

Efficiency: Reduced Time and Costs

– Provides general technical infrastructure of software applications, allowing developers to focus on writing code for business logic
– Simplifies software development process by providing standardized tools for developing software and built-in decisions about fundamental architecture and design issues
– Improves productivity by increasing the reusability of common components of e-Government application systems developed through the standard framework

Quality: Increased Satisfaction of Governments and Citizens

– Raises quality of software applications by providing technical code for generic services needed by most applications, where developers are prone to making errors
– Enhances interoperability of e-Government systems and information-sharing between government agencies through standard inter-system integration interface

Independence from IT Company Vendors: Enhanced SME Competitiveness

– Avoids dependency on vendor’s technology for maintenance of software applications that are based on vendor’s proprietary network
– Improves SME competitiveness by sharing open source framework and providing developers with free, cutting-edge, and easy-to-use technology

Target Participants of the WeGO eGovFrame Technical Training Program

The WeGO eGovFrame Technical Training Program is targeted specifically to software developers of WeGO member cities.
Immediate-level of knowledge of Java programming and Web programming is required and knowledge of other frameworks may be helpful to understand the WeGO eGovFrame.
(ex. Spring, iBatis, MyBatis for Data access, Struts, Spring MVC for MVC framework)
Any WeGO member cities planning on building new e-Government applications are recommended to take the WeGO eGovFrame Technical Training Program to utilize the open source software framework, the WeGO eGovFrame.

WeGO eGovFrame Technical Training and Service Program

The WeGO eGovFrame Technical Training Program is a complimentary, 4-day program exclusively offered to WeGO members with two options for locations- home country of the participants or Korea. The dates of the training may be flexibly decided considering the schedules of the WeGO Secretariat, NIA, and the participant city. Participants can also receive remote technical support service after the training program by scheduling service time with the eGovFrame Center, if any further assistance with applying the WeGO eGovFrame is needed. Considering the rising demand for smart public services under budgetary challenges, the WeGO eGovFrame is a free, sustainable tool! Do not miss this valuable opportunity to receive the WeGO eGovFrame Training and Technical Service exclusively offered to WeGO members!

Please see the details of the WeGO eGovFrame Technical Training and Service Program and know more about the
WeGO eGovFrame by clicking below!

For any inquiries on the WeGO eGovFrame or the eGovFrame Technical Training and Service Program, please contact the WeGO Secretariat. You may also contact the NIA eGovFrame Center directly for technical questions.

WeGO Secretariat
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NIA Center
Tel : +82 1566 2059
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