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Regional Offices

WeGO has several Regional Offices in different parts of the world. Regional offices may be set up
in any region of the world, is hosted by a WeGO member city in the applicable region.


To help the Secretariat in advancing the organization’s mission, WeGO has several Regional Offices in different parts of the world. The WeGO Regional Offices are affiliated organizations of the WeGO Secretariat that support the functions of the Secretariat, facilitate the implementation of WeGO programs and events, and help manage members in their respective region. Regional offices may be set up in any region of the world, is hosted by a WeGO member city in the applicable region. The host city of a regional office is selected by the Executive Committee through a bidding process.


Support exchanges and cooperation on Smart City & e-Governance among members in the region
Manage members and secure new members in the region
Organize training programs, seminars, and conferences on Smart City & e-Governance
Develop partnership with local organizations and expand the global network of WeGO


East Asia Regional Office

Eurasia Regional Office

Mediterranean Regional Office

Latin America Regional Office


WeGO is looking into opening new Regional Offices in Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia, as well as other regions, to help support WeGO’s expansion and sustainable growth. Cities and local governments that host WeGO Regional Offices gain not only global exposure in the smart city community, but also access to the wide network of WeGO members and partners.

Serving as a Regional Office is a testament to a city’s commitment to the pursuit of smart sustainable cities. If your city is interested in taking up this important role, kindly refer to the documents on the right and present your interest to

About WeGO
Regional Office

In conjunction with the WeGO Secretariat, WeGO Regional Offices hold annual programs for the advancement of WeGO’s mission of bringing Smart Sustainable Cities for All. This includes capacity-building programs such as the popular Smart City & e-Government Training Programs to forums gathering sister cities to introduce and encourage collaboration with WeGO. Apart from these, WeGO Regional Offices are constantly at work to diversify and come up with more innovative ways to support the Secretariat in their respective regions. Please click on the appropriate sections below to discover more about the Regional Offices and their programs.

The Seoul Program

Since 2011, WeGO has been offering the popular “Seoul Program” — an e-Government training program in partnership with the Seoul Human Resource Development Center — in Seoul, Korea.  The Seoul Program consist of diverse lectures introducing best e-Government practices and policies, interactive discussion sessions, and site visits to e-Government facilities as well as cultural excursions.

Topics of Previous Training Programs

09/05/2011 ~ 09/09/2011
05/29/2012 ~ 06/06/2012
07/01/2012 ~ 07/07/2012
06/23/2013 ~ 06/30/2013
04/06/2014 ~ 04/13/2014
05/18/2015 ~ 05/22/2015
05/22/2016 ~ 05/29/2016
03/27/2017 ~ 03/31/2017

Testimonies of Former Participants of the Seoul Program

2011 e-Gov. Training
“For me, the WeGO program has been excellent because I had the opportunity to learn about many policies and initiatives that other cities have in e-government, and in particular see the progress that the city of Seoul has made in e-government in recent years. I also believe that this program is very useful for participants because it allows us to know and compare our e-government projects and best practices with other countries’ initiatives and learn from them,” said Ms. Melissa Ovalle Buenrostro, Chief of the E-Government Research Department, Mexico City.

2013 e-Gov.Training
“The lectures were very well structured and the lecturers always tried to raise the enthusiasm of the participants. The classes were very interactive and the short videos highlighted the practical aspects of the information presented. The schedule was carefully planned in a way that technical presentations were intercalated with cultural presentations. The field trips were also very interesting and helpful in order to understand better the way a metropolis such as Seoul is working,” said Ms. Mirela Minca, Head of International Program and Cooperation Service, Bucharest.

“On behalf of the Barcelona City Council and especially of Mrs. Merce Mestre, I would like to thank the WeGO Secretariat for the attention and hospitality we received during the last e-Government training. Mrs. Mestre had nothing but good things to say about the organization of the event, the quality of the presentations and the good atmosphere that was created between all the participants, which made this training for her an unforgettable experience, both personally and professionally”, said Mr. Santiago Nieva Giralt on behalf of Barcelona City Council.

“On behalf of my Omani colleague, I would like to thank the WeGO team and Seoul city for their excellent hospitality. We were lucky to have an amazing group that got along very well. Hope to see you one day in the near future in another event,” said Mr. Khalid AC Zadjali, Deputy Director General of Information System, Muscat.

Jeju Workshop

With the shared objective of cultivating government officials’ knowledge and expertise in ICT, and bridging local and central governments in their efforts to pursue sustainable development through ICT, as well as following close cooperation for the Joint Workshop for e-Government and Smart City towards Sustainable Development in 2016, WeGO, the National Information Society Agency (NIA) and the World Bank decided to co-organize the Joint Workshop for Smart Sustainable Cities and e-Government in Seoul, Korea from November 20-23, 2017.  The Workshop will take place in Seoul and Jeju in a rotating basis.

This year’s Program highlighted key Smart City & e-Government topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Smart City Vision & Strategy Formulation;
  • Smart City as an Open Innovation Platform;
  • Building ICT Infrastructure for Smart Cities;
  • Emerging Technologies and Trends in Smart City and e-Government;
  • Smart Sustainable Cities Best Practices;
  • Building Smart City Ecosystems

Technical tours to some of Seoul’s world-class smart city projects and infrastructure, such as TOPIS center (transportation), S-Plex CenterSeoul Metropolitan Government Big Data Campus, and Bukcheon IoT Village (Living Lab).

A total of 21 participants from every corner of the globe took part in the event, from Bangkok (Thailand), Dhulikhel (Nepal), Gimpo (Korea), Goyang (Korea), Haiphong (Vietnam), Kampala (Uganda), Mexico City (Mexico), Penang (Malaysia), Pokhara (Nepal), Ramgram (Nepal), Sejong (Korea), Tshwane (South Africa), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Vladivostok (Russia) and Yakutsk (Russia). You can check out the 2017 program here.

Next year’s Joint Workshop will take place in Jeju Island in Korea, so please stay tuned for the announcement regarding the call for applications (early-mid 2018). If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Andrew Lim at or Ms. Alexandra Sidorova at

Hope to see you next year!

WeGO Regional Offices’ Programs

Starting 2014, the WeGO Regional Offices in Asia and Europe have been organizing special training courses for WeGO members, including webinars for effective sharing of ICT knowledge worldwide. Please stay tuned for more e-Government Training Programs from the WeGO Regional Offices in Chengdu and Ulyanovsk Region!

WeGO Partners’ Programs

WeGO collaborates with its partners to develop e-Government Training Programs in the form of workshops, excursions, and webinars, among others.
World Bank Institute’s Smart Cities Webinar Series Building on WeGO’s strong partnership with the World Bank, WeGO has collaborated with the “Smart Cities” series of the World Bank Institute’s successful webinar program.