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Four cities in Mongolia become WeGO members

Four cities in Mongolia become WeGO members 570 380 WeGO

Four cities in Mongolia become WeGO members

January 25, 2020

CHOIBALSAN – WeGO welcomed four new local government members from Mongolia at a signing ceremony of an event carried out by institutional member Healthy City Network of Mongolia (HCSC).

Altai, Choibalsan, Erdenet, and Sainshand—provincial capitals of Govi-Altai, Dornod, Orkhon and Dornogovi, respectively—are WeGO’s newest members from Mongolia after founding member Ulaanbaatar and HCSC, which joined last year. Erdenet and Choibalsan are also the second and fourth-largest cities in the nation after the capital.

The signing of membership forms took place in the company of over a dozen local leaders on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of Healthy Cities Mayors of Mongolia, hosted this year by Choibalsan. At the meeting, WeGO presented as an international partner on smart cities and the opportunities it offers for cities aiming to become smarter and more sustainable.

During the mission, WeGO separately met with the Vice Mayor of Ulaanbaatar to explore ways to support in the city’s implementation of smart city projects, with the assistance of international partners such as the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), whose country representative office was also visited. Priority areas of focus that were commonly identified included traffic management, air quality, and waste management. The city is also continuing talks with WeGO on its involvement in the inaugural meeting of the Northeast Asian Smart Cities Network (NEASCN), slated to take place later this year.

Besides project implementation, WeGO’s new members expressed interest in the organization’s many activities including capacity building programs for local government officials.

With the addition of the new members, WeGO’s worldwide membership is now at 198.