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 Company Name WeavAir
 Head of Company Ms. Natalia Mykhaylova
 Location Seongnam City, Korea
 Official Website
 Company Established 2018
 Number of Employees 2
 Smart City Areas

  • Smart Air

  • Smart Environment

  • Building Management

 Company Profile WeavAir offers a sensors array network and predictive analytics solution thatwill fundamentally change the way we manage buildings, saving energy while reducing the health impacts of poor indoor air pollution. It is the first system to combine physical, chemical and biological metrics in a small module that can be added to any HVAC system, providing comprehensive insights on indoor environment, in which we spend more than 80% of our day. The data is shared securely with building managers, contractors and occupants via a blockchainbased digital ledger. Our algorithms provide a way to not just detect issues early, but also provide a way to fix them. The system will prevent contamination issues, helping save over $45 B per year and will reduce building energy consumption by 11 Billion BTU each month. It will also help improve our comfort and health,
saving organizations over $6.5K/person/year.
 City/Country Portfolio

  • Canada

  • Korea

  • Taiwan

  • Chile

History with WeGO

  • Winner of the WeGO Secretary General's Award at the Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs Seoul 2018