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 Company Name INTERINNOV S.A.S
 Head of Company  Mr. Jacques Magen, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
 Address  Antony, France
 Official Website
 Company Established  2009
 Number of Employees  4
 Smart City Areas - Interoperability
- Open Source
 Company Profile Interinnov is a European Marketing company specialized in emerging technologies, with 10+ years of experience leading the promotion and Go-to-Market strategies of Research and Innovation initiatives related to Smart Cities, 5G, IoT and Next Generation Internet. Our portfolio includes a strong network of partners in industry, academia, Small-Medium Enterprises, Key Enabling Technology Centers and Digital Innovation Hub over the world. In particular, we have led the international growth of the Open Source FIWARE Community for the last 4 years.
Country Portfolio Europe, North America, Asia
 History with WeGO Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC)
FIWARE-WeGO Challenge
FIWARE-WeGO Hong Kong Workshop