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Shandong International Investment Management Co. Ltd. (SIIM)

 Company Name   Shandong International Investment Management Co. Ltd. (SIIM)
 Head of Company   Mr. Song Jijing, CEO
 Address   No. 180 Quancheng Road, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province (BB-06, QiLu International Building), China, 250011
 Company Established   2001
 Number of Employees   9
 Smart City Areas Investment & Consulting
 Company Profile Established in 2001, Shandong International Management Co., Ltd. (SIIM) is a professional investor and manager in the fields of finance, real estate, education, culture, tourism, pension, and investment banking. Since SIIM's establishment 18 years ago, the company mainly provides investment and consulting services for various city governments, and has rich experience in providing various solutions for governments and enterprises.
 History with WeGO eGov Training Chengdu 2018