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 Official Name  City of Pittsburgh
 Administering Body  Pittsburgh City Council
 Leadership  Mr. William Peduto
 Incumbent Term  2014-2018
 Address  The Office of Mayor William Peduto

512 City Council Building, 414 Grant Street,

Pittsburgh, PA 15219
 Official Website  http://www.pittsburghpa.gov/ (English)
 Area  103.4 sqkm (55.37 sq mi)
 Population  305,841 (2013 est)
 GDP (PPP) per capita (IMF, 2013)  $53,000.972
 Official Language  English
 ICT Division  Ms. Debra Lam

Director & Chief, Department of Innovation and Performance
 ICT Website  http://pittsburghpa.gov/innovation-performance/home/ (English)
 Best Practices  2015 Pittsburgh Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation