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2010 Inaugural General Assembly – Old

2010 Inaugural General Assembly – Old

2010 Inaugural General Assembly – Old 400 267 WeGO


Monday September 6, 2010

Time Program
18:30 Welcome Dinner (18:30-21:00)

–          Welcome Speech by Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul

–          Video presentation on the progress of WeGO


Tuesday September 7, 2010

Time Program
09:00 Opening Ceremony (09:00-10:00)

–          Introductory Video

–          Opening Remarks of Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul

–          Congratulatory Messages:

a.        Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations (Video)

b.       Kim Nam Seok, Vice President of Public Administration and Security

c.        He Kwang Tai, Chairman of the City Council

d.       Petra Roth, Mayor of Frankfurt

–          Keynote Speech

“How Technology Promotes Economic Development, Social Integration, Civic Engagement, and Green Technology” by Darrel M. West, Vice President of Governance Studies and Director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C.)

10:10 Coffee Break (10:10-10:30)
10:30 Inaugural General Assembly Meeting I (10:30-12:00)

–          Briefing on the Interim Executive Committee

a.        Agenda 1- Draft Statute

b.       Agenda 2- Election of President City

c.        Agenda 3- Appointment of Vice President Cities

Speeches by the President and Executive Vice President

d.       Election of Executive Committee Members

12:00 Luncheon (12:00-14:00)
14:00 Inaugural General Assembly Meeting 2-1 (14:00-14:50)

–          Presentation on e-Sharing for all Initiative

–          Good e-Government Practice Presentations:

a.        E-Government Practice in the City Government of Addis Ababa by Tesfaye Haile Ge Brelassie, General Director of Information Communication Technology Development Agency of Addis Ababa City Government

b.       Barcelona Urban Innovation by Joan Batlle, Head of International Cooperation on e-Government and Innovation of Barcelona City Council

c.        Service City Berlin by Karl-Heinz Loper, CIO

14:50 Coffee Break  (14:50-15:10)
15:10 Inaugural General Assembly Meeting 2-2 (15:10-16:30)

–          Good e-Government Practice Presentations:

a.        Creating a Citizens’ Account by Glyn Evans, Corporate Director, Business Change of Birmingham

b.       Keep the Data Moving, Not the Citizens by Uwe Becker, Deputy Mayor/ City Treasurer, Frankfurt

c.        Open Governance- Participation and Technological Innovation in Lisbon by Miguel Alves, Advisor to the Deputy of Lisbon

–          Open Discussion for future development of WeGO

–          Selection of Host City for General Assembly 2012

–          Closing Remarks

19:00 Farewell Dinner (19:00-21:00)

–          Closing Remarks by Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul


Wednesday September 8, 2010

Time Program
09:00 Session 1-1 (u-City) (09:00-10:40)

–          Publicity Video Screening by Chag-nyoun Kim, Deputy Director, u-City Promotion Division, SMG

–          Welcome Message by Jung-hee Song, Assistant Mayor, Information and Technology CIO, SMG

–          Good e-Governance Practice Presentations

a.        Angel Network by Josun Arcelus de Diego, Executive Director for Citizen’s Contact, Mexico City

b.       La Manche Broadband Public Private Partnership by Jean-Luc Rochefort, Director of Digital Department of La Manche

c.        Sao Paulo- Let this city surprise you by Edilson Mougenot Bonfim, Head of the Internal Affairs Office, Sao Paulo

d.       Mobile Government Development in Hong Kong SAR by Kenneth Kin Cheng , Assistant Government CIO , E-Government Service Delivery, Hong Kong

e.        Smart Cities and Smarter Governments by Colin Harrison, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Corporation

f.         Current Status and Future of Seoul Metropolitan Government by Sung-man Suh, Director, u-City Promotion Division, SMG

Session 2-1 (UNPOG) (09:00-10:40)

–          Welcome Remarks by Jong-moo Choi, Head, UNPOG

–          Presentations:

a.        UN e-Cities Network in Asia and the Pacific by Allison Hornery, UNPOG Consultant

b.       Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC): Approaching the e-Kathmandu City through ICT by Ananda Raj Pokharel, Mayor of Kathmandu

c.        The Quezon City Experience: e-Governance Strategies by Reynaldo Paul M. Imjada, Head of Information Technology Development Office, Quezon City

–          Interactive Discussion

10:40 Coffee Break (10:40-11:00)
11:00 Session I-2 (GIS) (11:00-12:10)

–          GIS Publicity Video Screening by Jeong-ho Yoon, Deputy Director, Geographic Information Systems Division, SMG

–          Good e-Governance Practice Presentations:

a.        3D City Models and 3D Geoinformation Systems for Environmental Simulation, Energy Assessment, and Urban Information Fusion on the City Scale by Thomas Kolbe, Professor, Technical University, Berlin

b.       Seoul GIS by Dong-woo Jang, Director, GIS Division, SMG

c.        Abu Dhabi Geospatial Data from Inventory to Innovation by Abdul Karim Raeisi, Executive Manager, Spatial Data Center, Abu Dhabi System and Information Center

–          Open Forum

Session 2-2 (CCL) (11:00-12:10)

–          Introduction by Hyun-sook Kang, General Manager, Creative Commons, Korea

–          Good e-Governance Practice Presentations:

a.        Creative Commons and Public Sector Information by Jay Yoon, Project Lead of Creative Commons Korea and Presiding Judge of Incheon District Court

b.       Open Access to Public Sector Information: Law and Policy for e-Government by Brian Fitzgerald, Professor of Law, Queensland University of Technology

c.        Open Government by Chris Moore, CIO of Edmonton

d.       San Francisco’s Open Gov Initiative by Chris Vein, CIO of San Francisco

e.        Open Data and Licensing in Mosman by  Bernard de Broglio, Internet Coordinator, Municipality of Mosman

12:10 Luncheon (12:10-1:30)
14:00 Tour Course 1 and 2 (14:00-18:00)


List of Cities Represented

City Country (Continent)
Abu Dhabi UAE (Asia)
Addis Ababa Ethiopia (Africa)
Agra India (Asia)
Amsterdam Netherlands (Europe)
Astana Kazakhstan (Asia)
Baku Azerbaijan (Asia)
Bangkok Thailand (Asia)
Barcelona Spain (Europe)
Batam Indonesia (Asia)
Berlin Germany (Europe)
Birmingham UK (Europe)
Bucharest Romania (Europe)
Chengdu China (Asia)
Dakar Senegal (Africa)
Dar es Salaam Tanzania (Africa)
Dhaka Bangladesh (Asia)
Edmonton Canada (North America)
Frankfurt Germany (Europe)
Harare Zimbabwe (Africa)
Helsinki Finland (Europe)
Hong Kong China (Asia)
Hue Vietnam (Asia)
Hunan Province China (Asia)
Jakarta Indonesia (Asia)
Kathmandu Nepal (Asia)
Khartoum State Sudan (Africa)
La Manche France (Europe)
Lisbon Portugal (Europe)
Manila Philippines (Asia)
Mexico City Mexico (North America)
Minsk Belarus (Europe)
Mosman Austalia (Oceania)
Muscat Oman (Asia)
Nairobi Kenya (Africa)
Nanjing China (Asia)
Ningbo China (Asia)
Paris France (Europe)
Quezon Philippines (Asia)
Saga Prefecture Japan (Asia)
San Francisco USA (North America)
Sao Paulo Brazil (South America)
Seoul Korea (Asia)
Suva Fiji (Oceania)
Tashkent Uzbekistan (Asia)
Tel Aviv Israel (Asia)
Tunis Tunisia (Africa)
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia (Asia)
Vladivostok Russia (Europe)
Zheijiang Province China (Asia)

Meeting Memorandum

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