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China-Korea Capacity Building for
Digital Transformation Webinar

June 10, 2021 | Online

China-Korea Capacity Building for
Digital Transformation Webinar

China-Korea Capacity Building for
Digital Transformation Webinar
150 150 WeGO

By 2025, both Korea and China aim to achieve their initial digital transformation goals through overarching initiatives such as the “Digital New Deal” and “Internet Plus”.  In parallel to WeGO’s existing initiatives in the Northeast Asia region, WeGO aims to bring stakeholders from both countries together to share their progress in this area and generate synergies. 

Through this webinar, WeGO will work to identify the needs and capacities needed to successfully push digitalization forward in both countries, with the aim of setting up customized training programs.

Event Details

Date: June 10, 2021
Time: 15:00 – 17:00 (KST)
Format: Online
Languages: Chinese, English, Korean

Watch the webinar again, and download the presentation slides below.


Welcome Remarks

  • Welcome Remarks by WeGO Secretary General Kyong-yul Lee
  • Welcome Remarks by KCA President Lee Sung woo

Kyong-yul Lee
Secretary General

Lee Sung woo
Korea-China Association (KCA)


  • Introduction and Program Overview

Session 1

Introductory Presentations on China and Korea’s Digital Transformation
Moderation | Korean

Institutional representatives from each country will share comprehensive overviews of their projects as well as the core capabilities that enabled them to achieve current developments.

Through the presentations, participants understand essential knowledge and skills that Chinese and Koreans value as they make progress in digital transformation, as the starting point to explore ways to strengthen each other’s capacity through exchanges and cooperation.

Bongsoo Keum
Executive Director
National Information Society Agency (NIA)

Fanfan Zhao
Deputy Director
China Center for Urban Development (CCUD)

Session 2

Introductory Presentations on China and Korea’s Digital Transformation
Moderation | Chinese

Chinese and Korean city officials will convene to share their current smart city initiatives and the training programs that have supported them in their planning and implementation of the projects.

Participants will learn what areas of capacity each local government seeks to improve, what other types of training can best serve to advance their progress, how we can tailor knowledge building opportunities according to their needs to boost their momentum in achieving the cities’ goals.

Zheliang Li
Director of Science & Technology and Information Division
Shanghai Municipality Transportation Commission

Soo Jae Lee
Section Chief of Big Data Division
Seoul Metropolitan Government

Chunhua Ye
Chief Director of Big Data Development Administration
Ningbo Municipality

Jongsung Hwang
Masterplanner of Busan Eco-Delta City
Busan City

Xiaodong Han
Chief Director of Big Data Department
Zhengzhou Municipality

Kwangseung Cha
Section Chief of Smart City Division
Sungnam City

Session 3

Panel Discussion: Identify Hands-on Capacity Building Joint Projects
Moderation | English

This panel discussion seeks to identify the next steps of collaboration by narrowing down the scope and ranking the priorities among overlapping needs for training.

In an open discussion, seakers will clarify their expectation for organizing capacity-building exchange programs, and specify both internal and external procedures that need to be taken into account when jointly preparing for a program. 


If you are interested in being involved in the China-Korea Capacity building for digital transformation program activities, please leave your contact email.

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