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WeGO Smart Health Responder 150 150 WeGO

C19check.comUSA Emory in partnership with Vital, an AI company, has developed an online platform that allows the general public to self-assess the likelihood of being infected by the COVID-19. The…

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Reservation App for Grocery Shopping

Reservation App for Grocery Shopping 150 150 WeGO

Reservation App for Grocery ShoppingUSA The restaurant reservation app, Open Table is now taking reservations for grocery shopping at specialty grocery stores and shops in San Francisco and Los Angeles…

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Smart Dome

Smart Dome 150 150 WeGO

Smart DomeUSA Indyme, an in-store response solutions provider, has introduced the SmartDome system to inform shoppers about social distancing and enforce the inherent rules. Upon detecting people in the monitored…

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Smart Eagle Distance Monitor

Smart Eagle Distance Monitor 150 150 WeGO

Smart Eagle Distance MonitorNetherlands SmartEagle, a smart building solutions provider, has developed a distance sensor to ensure social-distancing is well maintained in the office. The distance sensor uses optical sensors…

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SmileMate Virtual Consultation

SmileMate Virtual Consultation 150 150 WeGO

SmileMate Virtual ConsultationUSA Dental Monitoring, in collaboration with Smile Doctor, has developed a smartphone-based system that allows patients to have their teeth checked in one minute, without having to physically…

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Mobile Laboratory Unit (MLU)

Mobile Laboratory Unit (MLU) 150 150 WeGO

Mobile Laboratory Unit (MLU)UAE The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) has launched the “Mobile Laboratory Unit” (MLU) that will provide free-of-charge home COVID-19 testing for the elderly and people…

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AI Hosn UAE 150 150 WeGO

AI Hosn UAEUAE The Ministry of Health and Prevention, under the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, and the Dubai Health Authority have jointly launched an app named Al Hosn UAE as…

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“Fortum Vipu” 3D-Printed Hands-Free Door Opener

“Fortum Vipu” 3D-Printed Hands-Free Door Opener 800 589 WeGO

“Fortum Vipu`` 3D Printed Hands-Free Door OpenerFinland TBWA has created the Fortum Vipu, a 3D-printed door opener that makes it possible to open and close doors with your arm instead…

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MorphoWave Compact

MorphoWave Compact 375 250 WeGO

MorphoWave CompactFrance Idemia’s MorphoWave Compact biometric terminals have been deployed at several office buildings and residential condominiums across the world. Employees and residents can authenticate by waving their hands across…

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Coughvid Diagnostic Test

Coughvid Diagnostic Test 1280 720 WeGO

Coughvid Diagnostic TestSwitzerland École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is developing an diagnostic test app called “Coughvid” that would listen to people cough and use AI to determine whether they sound…

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