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Pandemic Drone

Pandemic Drone 904 319 WeGO

Pandemic DroneAustralia, Canada A pandemic drone that can supposedly scan crowds of people to monitor temperature, heart rates, coughing, and even blood pressure is being developed by the Canadian company…

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“Sky Talk” Drone

“Sky Talk” Drone 615 409 WeGO

'Sky Talk' DroneSurrey, Sussex The drone broadcasts pre-recorded messages to raise awareness on COVID-19 and to encourage people to stay home. FEATURES The drone announces, “Attention, this is a police…

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Thermal-Sensing Drones

Thermal-Sensing Drones 955 347 WeGO

Thermal-Sensing DronesLombardy Police in Lombardy are using drones with thermal sensors to check people’s temperatures during the country’s lockdown, aiming to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. FEATURES Developed by…

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Digital Aerial Surveillance Using Drones

Digital Aerial Surveillance Using Drones 848 480 WeGO

Digital Aerial Surveillance Using DronesNur-Sultan Two drone companies, KazUAV and Terra Drone Corporation, have collaborated to develop drones aimed to help Nur-Sultan police patrol and monitor illegal border movement and…

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