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MorphoWave Compact

MorphoWave Compact 375 250 WeGO

MorphoWave CompactFrance Idemia’s MorphoWave Compact biometric terminals have been deployed at several office buildings and residential condominiums across the world. Employees and residents can authenticate by waving their hands across…

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COVID-19 Detection X-ray Software

COVID-19 Detection X-ray Software 538 242 WeGO

COVID-19 Detection X-ray SoftwareUSA The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) developed a software that can rapidly diagnose COVID-19 by analyzing chest X-rays within seconds while reporting a 99 percent…

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AI-Based COVID-19 Detection

AI-Based COVID-19 Detection 1305 533 WeGO

AI-Based COVID-19 DetectionIsrael RADLogics, an Israeli startup focused in developing AI powered healthcare solutions, is working to develop a novel AI powered CT analysis software. This software aims to automatically…

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AI Face Recognition Technology at Hospital Entrances

AI Face Recognition Technology at Hospital Entrances 720 720 WeGO

AI Face Recognition Technology at Hospital EntrancesRepublic of Korea Hallym Hospital adopted artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology in controlling access to the hospital’s ward. Through the new system, patients and…

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Novel ‘Voice Fingerprints’ Screening System

Novel ‘Voice Fingerprints’ Screening System 831 241 WeGO

Novel 'Voice Fingerprints' Screening SystemIsrael Vocalis Health, an Israeli artificial intelligence and voice analysis startup, is collaborating with the Ministry of Defense in Israel to develop an app capable of…

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