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Public Safety


Winnertech 263 192 WeGO

Winner Technology Co., Ltd. Winner Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures a complete line of parking, access and revenue control equipment including barrier gates, ticket issuing machines, automatic pay stations, fee computers,…

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Winitech 261 189 WeGO

Winitech Winitech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. With the slogan “Technology for the safety of human lives”, Winitech has been trying to build a better world. Winitech develops public…

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USIS 262 194 WeGO

USIS Co., Ltd. USIS are doing with 4th Industrial Revolution Technology such as IoT Platform, IoT Devices, and Industrial Drone System to make smart on the field of cities, factories,…

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UMAY 263 192 WeGO

UMAY Inc. Umay Inc. with IT convergence technology is researching and developing technologies in the fields of public health and health care with its mission of promoting community health and…

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Qlue 263 192 WeGO

Qlue Qlue is a gov-tech enterprise that works to improve the quality of urban life with a Smart City approach. We empower leaders in various sectors and industries in order…

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Geomexsoft., Ltd Geomexsoft., Ltd. is a company specializing in GIS SW manufacturing and in developing the spatial information systems such as Land Information, Spatial Data Management, and Land Property Management.…

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Gabotech 260 189 WeGO

Gabotech GABOTECH Co., Ltd established in January 2004 is a specialized company in the development manufacturing and maintenance of radio application products such as street lights/security lights controllers, street lights/security…

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