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Sycros 258 190 WeGO

Sycros Sycros specializes in providing Smart Dashboards that are capable of providing important and essential data for decision-makers such as Mayors to utilize when making sound decisions. Seoul, KoreaEstablished in…

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SRPOST 260 187 WeGO

SRPOST SRPOST is a young, ambitious and rapidly developing company, already recognized among the leaders in software development in Korea. Our solutions include, but not limited to: CRM, software, mail…

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SIIM 260 188 WeGO

Shandong International Investment Management Co. Ltd. (SIIM) Established in 2001, Shandong International Management Co., Ltd. (SIIM) is a professional investor and manager in the fields of finance, real estate, education,…

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SCANETCHAIN Co. Pte. Ltd. Scanetchain is the first commercial dApp developed for blockchain commercialization. Using augmented reality (AR) technology, Scanetchain digitally identifies all products, brands, and images around us both…

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Qlue 263 192 WeGO

Qlue Qlue is a gov-tech enterprise that works to improve the quality of urban life with a Smart City approach. We empower leaders in various sectors and industries in order…

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NTSYS 260 190 WeGO

NTSYS NTSYS is a web standard and mobile specialized company that professionally builds and operates the development of next-generation webs, mobile webs, and applications based on standards such as HTML5,…

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Manageon 263 192 WeGO

Manageon Manageon Inc. is a Power IT Venture. The company has a technology on Smart Grid and its solution to provide sustainable energy which opened in 2013. We implement a…

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LifeBlocs 260 191 WeGO

LifeBlocs LifeBlocs strives to reinvent the donation value chains for Bone Marrow, Blood, and Organs globally by utilizing emerging technologies such as blockchain. By doing so, LifeBlocs aims to reduce…

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Korea Smart Card (Tmoney)

Korea Smart Card (Tmoney) 263 189 WeGO

Korea Smart Card (Tmoney) Korea Smart Card Co., Ltd. (“KSCC”) was established in the year 2003 to implement and operate the unified fare collection system called “T-Money System.” With the…

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KBSYS 262 189 WeGO

KBSYS KBSYS creates the value of future content by providing solutions and publishing technology for innovation of the digital content industry in Enterprise, Safety, Entertainment, and Industrial business area. Seoul,…

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