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“COVIDSafe” Contact Tracing App

“COVIDSafe” Contact Tracing App 570 380 WeGO

COVIDSafe Contact Tracing AppAustralia Australia has launched COVIDSafe, a contact tracing app based on source from Singapore’s TraceTogether software, aimed to efficiently trace potential COVID-19 carriers in the case of…

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Pandemic Drone

Pandemic Drone 904 319 WeGO

Pandemic DroneAustralia, Canada A pandemic drone that can supposedly scan crowds of people to monitor temperature, heart rates, coughing, and even blood pressure is being developed by the Canadian company…

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COVID-19 “Detect and Prevent” Challenge

COVID-19 “Detect and Prevent” Challenge 430 459 WeGO

COVID-19 'Detect and Prevent' ChallengeUNDP, Hackster Hackster, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and other partners are launching a technology-transfer event to support developing nations during the COVID19 pandemic. COVID-19…

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Cities for Global Health Platform

Cities for Global Health Platform 1678 335 WeGO

Cities for Global Health PlatformMetropolis International Cities for Global Health is a collaborative online platform that offers access to knowledge, strategies and actionable plans implemented by local and regional governments…

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Supermarkets’ “Elderly Hours”

Supermarkets’ “Elderly Hours” 570 380 WeGO

Supermarkets’ “Elderly Hours”Australia Australia’s Woolworths and Coles supermarkets open an hour early to allow elderly and customers with disabilities to shop safely and avoid coronavirus-related panic buying. In addition, due…

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