WeGO Membership Application Process

Thank you for your interest in WeGO.  Please find below information on the WeGO membership application process.
The WeGO Secretariat looks forward to welcoming you to the global WeGO Network!


Cities and Local Governments, Ministries and Cities Associations, and Private Companies around the world are eligible to become members of WeGO.
As of March 12, 2018, WeGO has 129 Member Cities, 5 National ICT Institutions, and 2 Companies from every corner of the globe.

Member Categories

Full Member

A city which attended the Inaugural General Assembly or whose membership application was approved during the Executive Committee Meeting

Associate Member

A city which has submitted a membership application but whose membership has not yet been approved by the Executive Committee

Friendship Member

Any regional association of local governments or any government agency or governmental entity that is directly concerned with local e-Government issues

Corporate Member

All private sector businesses, including small to medium enterprises to large multinational corporations that is related to smart city, e-Government and ICT practices

Application Procedure

For Full/Associate Membership

Please complete and submit the Membership Application Form (signed by the Mayor or authorized city representative) to the WeGO Secretariat.
Upon submission of the application form and its acceptance by the WeGO Secretariat, an applicant city becomes an Associate Member of WeGO.
Associate Members become Full Members of WeGO upon approval of the Executive Committee after the submission of the application.

For Friendship Membership

Please complete and submit the Membership Application Form (signed by am authorized representative of the organization) to the WeGO Secretariat.
After the submission of the application, a Friendship member will be confirmed upon the approval of the Executive Committee of WeGO.

For Corporate Membership

Please complete and submit the Membership Application Form signed by the Chief Executive Officer, President, or authorized representative of the company to the WeGO Secretariat.
After the submission of the application, a Corporate Member will be confirmed upon the approval of the Executive Committee of WeGO.

Member Rights and Benefits

1. Active Participation in WeGO
  – Full Members
have the right to take part in discussions, vote, approve, decide on, and confirm key agenda in the General Assembly.  Full Members may also bid to host the General Assembly; to establish a Regional Office; to hold a titled position; or to join the Executive Committee.
  – Associate Members can attend regular sessions of the General Assembly and present their opinions.
 – The authorized representatives of Friendship Members can attend regular sessions of the WeGO General Assembly and can attend WeGO Executive Committee Meetings through WeGO’s consent. Friendship members will also be given the same opportunities to request selection as Speaker/ Presenter at WeGO Events as Full/Associate WeGO members.

2. WeGO e-Government Capacity-Building Programs for WeGO Members
WeGO has been running the popular annual WeGO e-Government training program- The Seoul Program- for WeGO members in Seoul since 2011.  In 2014, WeGO expanded its training offerings to Chengdu, China and the Ulyanovsk Region, Russia and is launching the WeGO Webinar Series in late 2015. Local costs (accommodations, meals and local transportation) of selected participants are usually sponsored for The Seoul Program and other capacity building programs.
As a general guideline, Friendship Members may submit applications for a maximum of two (2) individuals with respect to any given WeGO e-Government Capacity-Building Program. 

 3. e-Government Consultation
WeGO provides consulting services to help member cities assess their current e-Government status and draw realistic e-Government strategies.  In 2013, WeGO conducted consultation projects on “Complaints and Claims Management” and “Improving Delivery of Government Services to Citizens” for WeGO members Maputo and Addis Ababa, respectively. In the case of a Friendship Member, that is a regional association of local governments, a WeGO member city that is a member of such association may apply to receive consulting services.

 4. The City e-Government Diagnostic and Solution (CeDS) Toolkit
Pursuant to an ongoing partnership with the World Bank, WeGO has developed the cost-efficient and user-friendly “City e-Government Diagnostic & Solution Framework” (CeDS) toolkit with a focus on local government agenda in cooperation with the World Bank.  WeGO is currently working on an online data platform for the CeDS Toolkit, which will be made exclusively to WeGO members through the WeGO website in early 2015In the case of a Friendship Member, that is a regional association of local governments, a WeGO member city that is a member of such association may access the CeDS Online Platform.

5. WeGO e-Government Framework (WeGO eGovFrame)
WeGO provides a complimentary e-Government Framework that includes common modules and standard templates generally required to develop new e-Government applications. Built upon open-source software, the Framework is a standardized infrastructure that can reduce technical dependency on specific IT vendors and increase software development productivity, component reusability and interoperability among application systems. Pursuant to a partnership with the National Information Society Agency (NIA), WeGO provides comprehensive technical support and training relating to the e-Government Framework to all WeGO members.

6. Cooperation and Exchange with WeGO Members, International Organizations and IT Experts, including Access to the UN Public Administration Network
Being a WeGO member means to be connected to the WeGO network of cities and local governments all over the world for easy city-to-city communication and collaboration. Further, through a wide network of partnerships, WeGO links members to international organizations and agencies, including the United nations and the World Bank. For example, WeGO is a partner of the UN Public Administration Network (UNPAN) providing access to the rich online resources, training courses, and networking opportunities of UNPAN to WeGO members. WeGO’s network also includes leading IT experts and professionals from academia, civil society, and the private sector.

 7. Active Participation in the WeGO Awards
Member as well as non-member cities may participate in the WeGO Awards, which is traditionally held in the same year as the WeGO General Assembly, to recognize and promote outstanding and innovative practices of e-Government. Only WeGO members- including WeGO Friendship Members- may nominate e-Government experts for the Judging Pool of the WeGO Awards.  The final Judging Panel that selects the winners of the WeGO Awards is appointed from such Judging Pool.

 8. Networking at the WeGO events, including the WeGO General Assembly
WeGO organizes conferences, seminars, and forums — including the triennial WeGO General Assembly — to facilitate the exchange of ideas, good practices, and collaboration projects. At the WeGO General Assembly, participants can actively network with Mayors, CIOs, and other high-level public officials, as well as with representatives of international organizations, development agencies, and IT companies from all around the world.  Highlights of the General Assembly include workshop sessions on urban e-Government issues and trends, Mayors’ Roundtable meetings, matchmaking meetings, exhibitions, and tours.  The 3rd WeGO General Assembly took place in Chengdu, China in November 2014 and was attended by approximately 300 delegates and experts from over 60 cities. The 4th WeGO General Assembly will be hosted by the Ulyanovsk Region, Russia in 2017.

Member Responsibilities
1. Members should participate in projects and meetings of WeGO actively.
2. Members should endeavor to share good practices and knowledge on e-Governance with other cities and local governments worldwide.
3. Full and Friendship members of WeGO should pay the annual membership fee.
4. Members should maintain updated contact information with the WeGO Secretariat at all times.
5. Members should promote WeGO to other cities and organizations for the expansion of the WeGO network.

Click below to view the WeGO Statute.

Membership Fees

Members begin to pay annual membership fees starting from the year immediately
following the year when
they become Full or Friendship Members of WeGO.

Membership Fee Chart for Full Membership (in USD)
Membership fees vary depending on the population of the city/ local government and the GDP per capita of the country.

Membership Fee Chart for Friendship Membership (in USD)
Membership fees vary depending on the GDP per capita of the country where the office of the organization is based.

Membership Fee Chart for Corporate Membership (in USD)
Membership fees vary depending on the number of employees (worldwide) of the corporation.

* Note 1: The latest International Financial Statistics published by the International Monetary Fund shall be applied in calculating the GDP per capita in the table above. The GDP per capita is based on purchasing power parity.
* Note 2: The membership fee amount in any given year is determined based in the GDP of the year immediately preceding the previous year.
* Note 3: A Friendship Member will be exempt from the membership fee requirement, if at least five (5) new WeGO member cities are formed in the year immediately preceding any given year, directly through the assistance of the Friendship Member.