Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors Forum, Daejeon, Korea (September 10-13)

Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors Forum, Daejeon, Korea (September 10-13)

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Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors Forum (APCS), an event initiated by the Brisbane City Council, was held first in 1996 and continued biennially since 1999, alternating between the City of Brisbane and a bidding host.

Now in its 11th summit, APCS provided a dynamic and interactive platform for participants to exchange knowledge, identify a common agenda, develop shared solutions, improve city governance across the Asia Pacific region and ensure sustained prosperity. Despite its name, the forum was participated by cities from all around the globe, which included about 80 cities and over 1000 participants!

WeGO has partnered with Daejeon City and the APCS Secretariat as an official session partner and organized a session, “Smart Sustainable Cities for All: Digital Social Innovation.” The session was as follows:

WeGO has also participated in the APCS exhibition with a booth that showcased some of WeGO’s proudest moments as well as some of its programs.

For more information, you can download the Program Book, visit the APCS website,  view presentation files of other sessions, or contact Mr. Andrew Lim at

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