2013 EXCOM Meeting

2013 EXCOM Meeting

600 400 WeGO


Tuesday September 3, 2013

09:00Opening Announcement (09:00-09:10) 
09:10Session I (09:10-10:40)

–          Introduction of Participants and Meeting Schedule

–          Announcement on Meeting Procedures

–          Briefing on Executive Committee

–          Progress Report 2012-2013

–          Agenda 1: Dates of 3rd General Assembly 2014

–          Agenda 2: Opening of Regional Offices

10:40Coffee Break (10:40-11:00) 
11:00Session II (11:00-12:30)

–          Highlight Video of WeGO e-Government Training 2013

–          Financial Report

–          Agenda 3: Review of Existing Projects and Discussion for Improvement

–          Agenda 4: New Membership and Funding Strategies

12:30Lunch (12:30-14:00) 
14:00Session III (14:00-16:00)

–          Agenda 5: Good Practice Sharing

–          Agenda 6: Discussion on Future Growth of WeGO: A Framework for an Exchange Program for Member Cities

16:00Coffee Break (16:00-16:30) 
16:30Meeting Memorandum (16:30-17:00) 
17:00Pre-Dinner Refreshments (17:00-17:20) 
17:20Opening Ceremony of Regional Office (17:20-17:40) 


Wednesday September 4, 2013

09:00Tour (09:00~)


Agenda 1Dates of 3rd WeGO General Assembly 2014
Agenda 2Opening of Regional Offices
Agenda 3Review of Existing Projects and Discussions for Improvement
Agenda 4New Membership and Funding Strategies
Agenda 5Good Practices Sharing
Agenda 6Discussion on Future Growth of WeGO: A Framework for an Exchange Program for Member Cities


List of Participants

CityCountry (Continent)
ChengduChina (Asia)
EdmontonCanada (North America)
FrankfurtGermany (Europe)
JakartaIndonesia (Asia)
Khartoum StateSudan (Africa)
MaputoMozambique (Africa)
NairobiKenya (Africa)
ParisFrance (Europe)
Sennar StateSudan (Africa)
SeoulKorea (Asia)
UlaanbaatarMongolia (Asia)
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia (Europe)
NIC Sudan (Observer)Sudan (Africa)


Meeting Memorandum

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