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WeGO Project Implementer 2020: Call For Project Proposals

WeGO Project Implementer 2020: Call For Project Proposals

WeGO Project Implementer 2020: Call For Project Proposals 150 150 WeGO


The Request for Proposals for the Project Implementer 2020 has closed, and all proposals are currently being reviewed.

We are pleased to announce the Request for Project Proposals (RFP) for the WeGO Project Implementer 2020.

Formerly branded as the WeGO Smart Sustainable City Feasibility Study Program, WeGO Project Implementer provides free technical assistance and consultation services throughout the entire project cycle, with a particular focus on the project implementation phase, to help member cities address the most pressing challenges in various smart city areas and advance their transformation into smarter and more sustainable cities.  

For each beneficiary local government whose project proposal is selected, WeGO will sponsor an amount up to KRW 110,000,000 (approx. USD 92,000) toward services from a consultant and solution provider with the needed expertise. The local government, in turn, will be required to contribute both financially and in kind toward further expansion of the project, and the proposals which demonstrate a higher commitment and preparedness to do so will have an advantage in the selection process.

  • Applicants must be a WeGO member local government or confirm prior to proposal submission their intent to submit a membership application form by the time of review by the selection committee. Proposals from applicants other than current or incoming member local governments will not be considered. 
  • Applicants that have been found to have engaged in fraudulent or corrupt practices in contracts financed by multilateral development banks and/or organizations, such as the World Bank, are not eligible to submit proposals individually or in association or jointly with another applicant. 
  • Applicants should demonstrate, or be willing to actively cultivate, a local reputation of integrity, advanced level business networking, and strong stakeholder support from local organizations, investors, public and private institutions, and the business community.

This year’s Project Implementer will focus on building infrastructure that enables better decision-making by involving not just government, but citizens and business in an intelligent, connected ecosystem which operates at the intersection of the 3 “D”s: data, digital, and human-centered design.

The next generation of urban evolution – Smart City 2.0 – involves moving beyond mere infrastructure upgrades and into the comprehensive use of sensing technology and data analytics, providing improved public services and a higher quality of life by listening to citizens and engaging them as “co-creators” of citizen-centric solutions.

To this aim, WeGO seeks scalable projects that focus on building digital infrastructure which recognize citizens as an important source of data generation, solution development, and a testing base for both governments and businesses.

Please see below the criteria that will be considered by the selection committee for selection of the beneficiary city.

  • Completeness of all required information and documents.
  • Relevance of the project to the national and local governments’ smart city vision and strategies.
  • Possibility of project scalability.
  • Expected outcomes of the project.
  • Support of local leaders, financial viability, and institutional mechanisms that help ensure implementation of a feasibility study and pilot project, and sustainability of a larger-scale project in the near future.
  • Experience working with or receiving financial support from MDBs or other financing institutions.
  • Local support, including thorough communication, to the project consultants throughout the project implementation phase, especially during their visits to the city.
  • Relationship and communication with WeGO.

For general and technical inquiries, please contact Sofia Lee at or +82-70-4202-9169.