WeGO-TM Forum
Smart City Maturity & Benchmarking Model

WeGO, in collaboration with its partner, TM Forum, is proud to introduce the Smart City Maturity and Benchmark Model.
This complimentary model is designed to help WeGO member cities measure and benchmark their development as a smart city through an end-to-end holistic view across city agencies and departments.

The Smart City Maturity and Benchmark Model has been designed to capture the key aspects of a city’s transformation journey to become a smarter city.

A smart city is characterized by a high level of community and citizen engagement, by making the city attractive for businesses and by efficient and sustainable city operations.

The model is inspired by the Customer Lifecycle and the Framework business model, providing a structured and practical approach to creating this best practice.

Benefits of the Smart City Maturity and Benchmark Model

Assess the current situation across all smart city dimensions; the model is simple enough to be completed quickly but also specific and concrete

Learn about the challenges and successes ongoing in the city

Define and clearly outline goals for the city’s transformation in each dimension

Benchmark against other cities.

The Maturity Model is broadly grouped in five dimension areas,
each representing a major aspect of a smart city transformation

Leadership and Governance

Stakeholder Engagement and Citizen Focus

Effective Use of Data

Integrated ICT Infrastructure

Existing Levels of Smartness

What each city will receive

Benchmark data from other cities after completion

A PDF with the complete Smart City Maturity and Benchmark Model, with references to global best practices for each indicator

An Excel Workbook for gathering the data and presenting the outcomes

A one hour video conference presentation by TM Forum, presenting the model prior to commencing the survey

A wrap-up video conference session with a TM Forum expert to discuss conclusions.

For any questions, or to request the model,
please contact Anthony Levero at levero@we-gov.org