WeGO Civic Participation System (CPS)

Civic Participation System

As an output of its 2015 Feasibility Study, WeGO now offers its Civic Participation System (CPS) exclusively to its members. This digital-capacity-enhancing system helps cities to efficiently and comprehensively collect and manage the concerns of their citizens. Following a successful Feasibility Study conducted by WeGO consultants, Hanoi (Vietnam), San Fernando La Union (Philippines), Quezon City (Philippines), Pokhara (Nepal), and Bharatpur (Nepal) all chose to implement  complimentary demo versions of the CPS. Additionally, San Fernando La Union will implement the system beyond its demo period. Members wishing to use the system on a demo-basis themselves will receive both the proprietary program and training in how to properly enact the system in their city.

Any WeGO members interested in learning more about the program and
how they can utilize it to benefit civic engagement and participation in their city are encouraged to contact Mr. Andrew Lim at