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WeGO-ICONLOOP Joint F/S 150 150 WeGO


WeGO and ICONLOOP –  a leading blockchain company in Korea – are pleased to announce a joint feasibility study on blockchain technology. Local governments wishing to be considered as a beneficiary of this support are welcome to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP). Beneficiaries will receive expert consultation and an opportunity to carry out a pilot project for the application of blockchain technology in the improvement of urban management systems and public services. Services to be provided will be at an estimated USD $ 120,000.

Theme & Priority Areas

Blockchain technology is emerging as a tool for governments worldwide to redefine the framework in which information can be used for transactional purposes. It is seen as an innovative solution to tackle systemic issues related to data security, inefficiency, lack of transparency, and corruption. This joint F/S aims to unlock the potential of blockchain to provide improve quality of life and safety for citizens, optimize resource utilization, and enhance the efficiency and transparency of public service in cities.

The selected priority areas will be Certification and Registration, Decentralized IoT, Real Estate and Land Registry, and Used Car TradingProposals addressing other public services such as waste management, energy efficiency, or mobility, etc. can also be accepted. As whether the city has appropriate data in these areas or not makes a big difference for citizens’ lives. Kindly note that project proposals addressing public services can also be considered given the proposal is of high-quality.


If interested, please contact Chris Jo at