Frequently Asked Questions

WeGO is an international organization of cities, local governments, and organizations whose goal is to enhance the ICT capabilities of cities and regions, and leverage their innovation potentials in order to develop transformative solutions for e-Government and Smart Cities, supporting broad stakeholder involvement, open government, digital inclusion, foresight, decision-making and management processes, their integration, as well as wide online service availability and accessibility. Our Secretariat is hosted by our President City, Seoul while our European and Asian Regional Offices call Ulyanovsk, Russia and Chengdu, China, respectively, home.
To apply to be a member, a city can follow these steps: – Complete and submit the Membership Application Form (signed by the Mayor or authorized city representative) to the WeGO Secretariat. – Upon submission of the application form and its acceptance by the WeGO Secretariat, an applicant city becomes an Associate Member of WeGO. – Associate Members become Full Members of WeGO upon approval of the Executive Committee after the submission of the application. For more information, visit our membership page or try our chat feature.
WeGO does not make a profit. However, it is a network of cities and local governments so it is actually an international organization rather than a non-governmental organization.
Besides numerous benefits that WeGO offers to its members, some tangible benefits that WeGO offers are as follows: • Solutions: WeGO offers numerous solutions, such as the highly-touted Civic Participation System (CPS). This hybrid solution empowers citizens to provide impetus on civic needs that requires addressing from the government, through a streamlined system that allows the citizen to connect directly to a government official in charge of the particular matter/district. • WeGO also offers a platform in which cities can share their knowledge in ICT, e-Government and smart city initiatives, to not only propagate their learnings but also to learn from other cities.