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e-Citizenship, Good Governance and ICT

by Secretariat on FEBRUARY 9, 2011 in REFERENCES
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title e-Citizenship, Good Governance, and ICT
authors Ester Kaufman
language English
keywords E-Citizenship, Communities of Practice, Good Governance
citation e-Citizenship, Good Governance, and ICT, Ester Kaufman, 2005
published 2005
since 08/12/2006
description This report examines aspects linked to e-citizenship, practices of good government and ICT, principally related to transparency, public responsibility and information access, from the demand side. It is difficult to focus only on the demand side without presenting fragmented results therefore a systematic persepctive will be used that includes governmental supply while recognizing that demand is still not sufficiently represented.
abstract Access to information in a network implies access to useful information produced as much by publc integrants as private integrants of the network since what is really at work is development between various actors of the Knowledge Society. This is the position from which experiences and trends will be gauged and that the solicited proposals will be elaborated. Keeping this perspective in mind, government practices in South America will be examined through some of their relevant actors: the Presidency, legislators, political parties, non-governmental organizations and citizens. Trends will be identified throughout the report in order to later suggest strategies along with the conclusions.
institution Gartner Group