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Bizerte 2050

“BIZERTE 2050” is a prospective NGO created in 2009, chaired by Mr Borhene Dhaouadi (Architect) and carrying an ambitious project program for socio-economic, urban and environmental development of the Bizerte region: “BIZERTE SMART CITY”

Objectives of the “Bizerte Smart City” program:

  • Include Bizerte in the list of Smart Cities around the world through the proposal and then the implementation of structuring and strategic projects;
  • Make Bizerte a sustainable and modern city: a port city dedicated to renewable energies;
  • Promote the modernization and sustainability of key sectors of the regional economy: agriculture, industry, tourism and port economy;
  • Preserve natural resources and propose sustainable solutions to environmental pollution problems;
  • Integrate smart components in areas that directly or indirectly affect the citizen in order to improve his living environment;

“Bizerte Smart City” Program Outlook:

  • Creation of a Tunisian Smart Cities UGPO to develop, promote and define the Smart City eligibility framework in Tunisia, in consultation with other ministries: Equipment – Environment – Finance …
  • Creation of a planning SEM (Urban Free Zone) to implement the Bizerte Smart City program – The perimeters will be defined with all the stakeholders and in consultation with the elected municipal councils;
  • The creation of an Innovation Center to support and incubate Start Up and young people in the fields of ICT and intelligence related to the University campus of Menzel Abderrahmene by taking advantage of existing facilities on the site – This The center will house the headquarters of the SEM – Bizerte Smart City;