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Join the Connected City Summit in Liverpool, UK! (June 28, 2016)

2017-04-13 17:51

The WeGO Secretariat is pleased to introduce you the “Connected City Summit” organized by the United Cities and Local Governments Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities (UCLG CDKC), WeGO's partner organization, and the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) on June 28, 2016 in Liverpool, UK. The Summit represents the UCLG CDKC’s annual meeting and is part of the WBA Wifi Global Congress at the International Festival for Business 2016. For more details on the Summit, please find attached the Invitation Letter, Program Outline and Supporting Information or visit Liverpool 2016.

To secure a slot at the Summit, please register online here as soon as possible and input the special access code: UCLG3T6. For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Lidia Cobas from the UCLG CDKC Technical Secretariat at
Interested applicants may also request financial support for their travel expenses as follows:
WBA Delegate Support (up to ₤350 GBP). The WBA Delegate Support covers accommodation and travel costs to the UK and is available to one senior city representative per city. To apply for this sponsorship, please contact Ms. Rachael Aron of WBA at to request an application form. Fill out the form and send it back to Ms. Aron no later than 26 April 2016.
IFB2016 ‘Fly to Buy’ Scheme (up to ₤2,000 GBP). Kindly note that only cities and organizations facilitating trade, such as international promotion agencies and chambers of commerce, are eligible to apply for the IFB2016 ‘Fly to Buy’ Scheme. For more details, please visit IFB2016 Fly to Buy and to apply, contact Mr. Chris Heyes at

We hope that through active participation in the Summit, your city will be able to share your valuable innovative experience in shaping Connected Cities and network within the international context.

Attachments: Invitation Letter, Program Outline, Supporting Information