WeGO Smart Sustainable City Feasibility Study Program

Since 2011,

WeGO has provided Smart City & e-Government consultation services through Feasibility Studies (FS) on Smart City & e-Government development for WeGO Members. This technical assistance program is designed to help members assess their current e-Government status and draw realistic and concrete
Smart City & e-Government strategies.

About WeGO Smart City Consultation Programs

WeGO annually selects 1 – 2 WeGO member cities for the FS projects pursuant to a Call for Letters of Intent.
Interested cities and local governments are encouraged to submit a letter of intent to the WeGO Secretariat to apply for
an FS project and to indicate their interest, readiness, and willingness to participate in the project.
In particular, the WeGO Secretariat looks for the following elements in an applicant city.

  • The applicant’s commitment to developing its own Smart City & e-Government system in an inclusive and sustainable manner
  • The alignment of the FS project with the Government’s Smart City, ICT strategies and vision
  • The willingness to participate in the project as a project partner by providing local support to the Project Consultants
  • Indication of how the project would be sustainable beyond its completion
  • Indication of the applicant city’s commitment to the post-project implementation of the Smart City & e-Government system

We are pleased to announce the Request for Project Proposal(RFP) for the WeGO Smart Sustainable City Feasibility Study 2018. WeGO has been conducting this Feasibility Study Program since its establishment in order to facilitate the transformation of WeGO member cities to Smart Sustainable Cities worldwide. The approximate Project value provided to the beneficiary city will be $100,000.00 (one-hundred thousand dollars).

This year’s WeGO Feasibility Study Program will focus on the usage of data analytics in smart sustainable city development. Data analytics is the pursuit of extracting meaning from raw data by inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Data analytics helps city governments identify new opportunities that lead to smarter strategies, more efficient operations, higher satisfaction and happier citizens!

WeGO welcomes creative project proposals that reflect your city’s uniqueness. If your city is interested in becoming the beneficiary city of WeGO Smart Sustainable City Feasibility Study 2018, please send a project proposal that best works for your city based on the priorities and data availability in the city. The data available from your city will be critical in this project. Please indicate clearly which data sets have been secured by your city.

Please refer to the attachments below for details, and submit a Project Proposal and the Project Commitment Form by 11th of May (Friday) 2018 at secretariat@we-gov.org to express your city’s interest in the Program. For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Eunbyul Elena Cho at eunbyul@we-gov.org or +82-(0)2-720-2937.

​For cities interested in submitting their proposals for this Feasibility Project, please download the attachments below.