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Fantom Foundation

Fantom Foundation 261 192 WeGO

Fantom Foundation FANTOM Foundation has successfully raised $40,000,000 USD in the ICO on June, 2018. The vision of FANTOM is to grant compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world…

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Data Alliance

Data Alliance 262 193 WeGO

Data Alliance Co. Ltd. Data Alliance is a blockchain-based, shared IoT platform provider. Its main business areas are as follows: LoRaWAN Network Server (S/W) OCF Standard-based Cloud Server (S/W) Blockchain-based…

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DamoGO 264 193 WeGO

DamoGO Our mission is to create a national movement to reduce wasted food at the restaurant and retail levels while making delicious food available for everyone. We aim to create…

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Danfoss 264 192 WeGO

Danfoss Danfoss engineers technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. We meet the growing need for infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency, and climate-friendly solutions. Seoul,…

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Revenue Modernization Project (eCitie Revenue Management System)

Revenue Modernization Project (eCitie Revenue Management System) 570 380 WeGO

OVERVIEW Implemented in 2014Project Duration: OngoingFunding Source: Government (100% covered by KCCA) KCCA’s previous Revenue Management System was primarily used for cash collection, in-person transaction and paper documentation of revenue.…

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DaiBon UK Limited

DaiBon UK Limited 262 193 WeGO

DaiBon UK Limited We are an established small family company in UK with more than 25 years track-record, comprised of few successful operating businesses in UK, since immigrating from South Korea. London, United KingdomFounded…

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