Global City Teams Challenge Kickoff Conference, Washington DC, USA (February 6-7, 2018) 

Global City Teams Challenge Kickoff Conference, Washington DC, USA (February 6-7, 2018) 

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As part of the launch of the WeGO Thematic Clusters, WeGO will build crucial momentum for the initiative by acting as an official partner of the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) and participate by creating inaugural Thematic Clusters under the auspices of the GCTC.  As such, WeGO cordially invites its members to co-create inaugural Thematic Clusters and join GCTC activities with WeGO’s coordination beginning with the GCTC-SC3 Kickoff Conference (Washington DC, USA, February 6-7, 2018). More information on GCTC can be found on its website.

The Kickoff will be followed by the Tech Jam in May-June, and the concluding GCTC Expo in September-October. The Thematic Clusters will help cities to collaborate to improve their projects in a variety of ways, including formulating KPIs and benchmarking measurables and by connecting them to Cluster partners including investors, companies, cities, and other smart sustainable city stakeholders.

Below, interested parties can download the full agenda of the GCTC-SC3 Kickoff, as well as an Information Note and the worksheet template which must be completed in order to participate in GCTC activities. A fictional example of a completed worksheet may also be found. This year’s GCTC initiatives have an emphasis on cybersecurity and privacy, but other smart city themes are also welcome.

Please feel free to contact and address any questions to Ms. Alexandra Sidorova at

GCTC 2018 SC3 Project Worksheet TEMPLATE GCTC 2018 SC3 Project Worksheet EXAMPLE  GCTC-Kickoff-2018-Agenda GCTC Information Note

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