2011 EXCOM Meeting

2011 EXCOM Meeting

600 402 WeGO


Monday October 17, 2011

20:30Welcome Dinner


Tuesday October 18, 2011

09:00Session I (09:00-10:30)

–          Opening, Introduction of Participants, Announcement on Meeting Schedule, Report on Past Progress, First round of discussion on Meeting Agenda

10:30Coffee Break (10:30-11:00)
11:00Session II (11:00-12:30)

–          Second round of discussion on Meeting Agenda

13:00Lunch (13:00-15:00)
15:00Closing (Meeting Summary) (15:00-16:00)



Agenda 1The 2nd General Assembly 2012: Dates and Operational Strategy

1.       Dates of 2nd General Assembly

2.       Strategy for increasing participation in the 2ndGeneral Assembly

3.       Organizing the Executive Committee Meeting parallel to the General Assembly Meeting

Agenda 2Leadership Election Procedures and Host for the 3rdWeGO General Assembly

1.       Current selection procedures

2.       Next president, vice presidents, and members of the Executive Committee 2012-2014

3.       Host of the 3rd General Assembly Meeting

Agenda 3Regional Offices
Agenda 4Membership Fee Payment and Funding Plan

1.       Period of membership fee payment

2.       Funding strategies

Agenda 5Terms of Reference of the Secretariat
Agenda 6WeGO Awards
Agenda 7Sharing Good Practices in e-Government
Agenda 8Public-Private Partnerships and Joint Projects
Agenda 9Urban e-Government Model and Service Platform


 List of Participants

CityCountry (Continent)
BarcelonaSpain (Europe)
EdmontonCanada (North America)
JakartaIndonesia (Asia)
Khartoum StateSudan (Africa)
NairobiKenya (Africa)
SeoulKorea (Asia)


Meeting Memorandum


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