WeGO at the Global City Teams Challenge 2016-2017

WeGO at the Global City Teams Challenge 2016-2017

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The Global City Teams Challenge is a global two-phase initiative of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) designed to advance the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies within a smart city environment. It consists of two phases:


    1. Phase I(November 2015 – September 2016): GCTC Kick-offTeambuilding Workshop, GCTC Virtual Kickoff Webinar, GCTC Tech Jam, GCTC Expo, among others


    1. Phase II(October 2016 – Summer 2017): GCTC SuperCluster Launch Event, SuperCluster Workshops, GCTC Expo, among others



As a partner organization, WeGO invites you to seize the opportunity to join and benefit from the Global City Teams Challenge. We are proud to mention that WeGO member – the National Information Technology Development Agency in Nigeria – received a 10,000$ Leadership Prize for its Smart IDP Tracking and Monitoring project in Jalingo City.


    • Why participate?

o    Meet and collaborate with other cities and partners on your IoT project

o    Offer your city as a testbed for IoT implementations

o    Receive substantial online/offline media coverage and global recognition

o    Speak and exhibit at the GCTC Expo 2017

o    Replicate your IoT solution to other cities

Building an Individual Action Cluster


    • What is it? Action Cluster is a collaborative team of stakeholders (cities, companies, NGOs, academic institutions etc.) interested in similar city problems and technologies to co-develop smart solutions for a common objective. Over 100 action clusters have been formed so far. If your city is already in a partnership with a company or a research institute, we encourage all parties to participate in GCTC as one team.


    • How does it work?

o    Form an action cluster with at least one city government representation. Fill out the attached worksheet and send it to Dr. Rhee at sokwoo.rhee@nist.gov and copy the WeGO Secretariat at secretariat@we-gov.org. Please note that the contents of these materials and the Action Cluster team lead contact information may be made public.

o    Find partners and other cities with similar objectives

o    Deploy and demonstrate the project’s measurable/ quantifiable impact at the concluding GCTC Expo 2017

o    Advance to next step by joining a SuperCluster (optional)


Download the Action Cluster Worksheet

Joining a SuperCluster with an Action Cluster


    • What is it? SuperCluster composed of multiple existing action clusters is an unprecedented effort by cities and stakeholders to jointly create a grand blueprint of smart cities that any city in the world can share and implement collaboratively to benefit from interoperability and economies of scale. More details of the concept of SuperCluster can be found in kickoff presentation by Dr. Sokwoo Rhee.


    • How many SuperClusters are there? There are six (6) SuperClusters formed so far however additional SuperClusters are yet to come:

o    Transportation

o    Public Safety/ Emergency/ Resilience

o    Energy/ Utility/Water

o    City Platform

o    Healthcare/ Environment

o    Public WiFi


    • How does it work?

o    If your city/organization is interested in partnering in the SuperCluster events or want to make your project or solution a part of a SuperCluster, please feel free to contact Dr. Rhee at sokwoo.rhee@nist.gov and copy the WeGO Secretariat at secretariat@we-gov.org

o    Each SuperCluster is required to host a SuperCluster workshop in the first quarter of 2017 to discuss and demonstrate the progress. For example, the Transportation SuperCluster is planning a GCTC Transportation SuperCluster Summit on Feb 1-2 in Portland, Oregon. To register, click on the link. Other SuperClusters will announce the dates and venues as soon as they are confirmed.

o    Draft/contribute to a grand blueprint of smart cities that is accessible to ALL cities and communities around the world. Get familiar with current initial building blocks for constructing the SuperCluster blueprints and implementation plans here.

o    As a SuperCluster, present the grand blueprint and implementation plan at the concluding GCTC Expo 2017

SuperCluster Kick-off Presentation

Each of your smart city projects and implementation examples can make a significant difference by joining forces with other cities and stakeholders to replicate the best practices and create synergy, and GCTC can help make it happen for everyone. We invite you to join the global smart city movement.

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